We had our second Ugly Whale in Austin on Thursday March 17, 2015, at Darwin’s Pub!

Five incredibly talented San Francisco and San Jose bands played to a packed room:

Dangermaker are San Francisco’s champions of overcast pop-heavy rock n’ roll with a solid track record for classic songwriting, charmingly familiar hooks, and a particular style of raw, warm production courtesy of their producer.

Eyes on the Shore is an exceptionally stylish San Francisco quartet that land somewhere between Motown, surf rock and post-modernist ambience. One moment, they power through heavy melodies, the next, they dive into a spectral, airy soundscape.

The Go Ahead from the gritty streets of San Francisco are known for combining various genres into a driving rock force with a sultry and soulful front-woman that demands your attention.

Citabria is an alternative rock band from San Jose fusing modern dance beats to their rock-borderline-shoegaze sound which features stuttering, Moog bass line, soaring vocal harmonies and jet-plane guitars.

Sit Kitty Sit is a pop/proggy hard rock piano and drum duo from San Francisco that has toured through the US and Europe consistently thrilling audiences with their energetically intense live performances.

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