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To get Ugly Whale off the ground, Barb Rocks has bought into a popular venue in Austin for $3500. In order to recoup that cost and to grow Ugly Whale into a travelling showcase, Barb Rocks launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise monies. This campaign ends the morning of March 19th and is currently only 70% funded, so we need your help! If you’re a supporter of music, especially unsigned Bay Area music, please donate what you can and spread the word. There’s many cool music related rewards you can choose from, especially from the bands playing the Austin showcase, as well as from the bands Barb Rocks manages, and some cool life style rewards like Winery Tour, Chess, Bocce Ball, and Dinner Parties.



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RSVP to #UglyWhaleFest

Hello Music Lovers! If you’re going to be in Austin during SXSW music week, then come check out our FREE showcase at Darwin’s Pub on Thurs March 19th (21+)!

We are showcasing five extremely talented San Francisco Bay Area bands: Beautiful Machines, The Trims, The Frail, Eyes on the Shore, and The Go Ahead. These five unique bands perfectly represent the diversity and talent that the Bay Area has to offer, and will impress the audience so much, that Austin will be buzzing about #UglyWhaleFest and what a quality showcase it is!

You can RSVP here and add our showcase to you schedule!