Ugly Whale is a music showcase started by Barb Rocks, focusing mainly on CA Bay Area bands, starting with the debut showcase in Austin, TX in 2015.  The plan is to have showcase(s) yearly in Austin during SXSW week, and then hopefully hit the road, to expose many more cities to the talented Bay Area bands that deserve recognition and support.

The name Ugly Whale is in honor of Barbara’s father who passed away in 2013.  Her Dad always supported her love for music and her dedication to the local music scene, he even came to her shows beaming with pride.  His name was Ueli Wahli, which comically enough spell check turned into Ugly Whale.  Her dad found this to be hilarious and happily embraced the name, making it the perfect name for this music showcase that is as memorable as him.




Thanks to many wonderful contributors, Ugly Whale raised a little over $3800 via our Kickstarter campaign in March 2015, which helped make the debut showcase in Austin a reality! We would especially like to thank the following people for their support:
My family, especially my mom Zlata, my brother Marco, and my niece Dominique, Eric Rynne, Dipendra Bagchee, Audra Robles, Carla Riggi, Juli A Snyder DC, Kelly Russell Turner, Tool Shed Studios, and Trance Kelley.

Huge thanks to ER Productions for all the graphics!



Barbara Wahli, known by her moniker Barb Rocks, is recognized for managing some of the San Francisco Bay Area’s most successful independent rock bands, as well as for putting on highly-organized and well-attended shows at reputable venues in the San Jose Bay Area for over 9 years.  Barbara generally focuses on booking unsigned regional bands, though she has booked some well-known artists, including Foster The People, Mike Herrera of MxPx, and The Original Wailers.  Under Barbara’s management, her bands have reached some huge goals and local successes, including radio airplay (Live 105, 107.7 The Bone), music festival placements (BottleRock Napa, San Francisco PrideSubZERO FestivalSoFA Street Fair), licensing/publishing deals, and strategic show bookings with well-known touring acts.  She’s also organized and been a core team member for two local music festivals, Left Coast Live and West Valley College’s West Fest, and is involved in various capacities in the Santa Cruz Music Festival.

Currently Barbara leads the South Bay chapter of Balanced Breakfast, a group of music industry professionals that meet regularly for breakfast and talk about actions they can employ that will help grow the arts community.  With her band management roster expanding, Barbara was on a mission to find a like-minded company to help support the growing needs of her artists, so it seemed only natural for her join the Nemesis Media team in 2015, a move that benefits both sides tremendously, becoming an unstoppable force together.  Barbara is appreciated by her peers for all her hard work and dedication to revitalizing the local music scene, which earned her the honor of being picked as ‘Best South Bay Scene Queen’ by Metro Newspapers in September 2010, stating that “her energy is infectious, and her ear for local talent remarkable.”


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